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Boma la Mama has the goal of providing Tanzanian women safe and dignified maternity care in a clinic and low risk birth centre. This centre will be partnered with the Boma la Mama Midwifery Education Program for Tanzanians.

The Centre will be in the highly populated Arusha region of Tanzania, one of the poorest countries of the world.

Boma la Mama is in its founding stages. We are currently focusing on fundraising, networking, grant proposals, and the design and organizational structure of the Centre.

Boma la Mama is a major initiative resulting from the work of volunteers, midwives, and Boma Africa.


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Mission Statement

Boma la Mama aims to decrease maternal and neonatal mortality in the Arusha region of Tanzania by establishing, funding and operating a birth centre and a midwifery education program for Tanzanians.

— MamaOasis


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